Furthering My Idea (503 GIF)

Denyse Mitterhofer

Through the site, GIPHY.com, I was able to find female animator and illustrator, Denyse Mitterhofer. The pieces of work that stood out to me most were the pieces that were simple, that used blocked colour and made me question, what represents me?

  These 3 gifs all represented something i wanted to create. The strong use of colour was constant throughout and the simple movements of the glasses (top left) and the hair (top right) were so simple but to me were very effective.

This shoe Gif made me think about other things about me other than my hairstyle and eyeliner.

I love shoes and a majority of them are converses, so I created a shoe illustration from some images I took on a shoot for my self portrait.

Shoe GIF Experiment

This illustration took about 6 hours to perfect and as i didn’t have any other strong images to create a walking gif, i changed the original file (colours) to black and white and created a quick animation. This idea really helped develop my skills on illustrator and i really enjoyed making it.