My First Idea (503 GIF)

My first idea was to create a basic outline of my face, using Adobe Illustrator, focusing on things that represent me. Specifically, my eyeliner and fringe. I had never used Illustrator before and this first attempt helped me learn a lot of new techniques and skills.

Another thing that links with my work is colour, I love colour! so I wanted to try include this in my work. I orginally thought of creating a background on photoshop that had a lot of different, vibrant colours splattered onto a canvas but through further research, I didn’t follow through with this idea.


After coming up with my initial idea, I researched into Andy Warhol self portrait because he is a bold colourful artist. 

His self portrait has a continuous theme throughout which was something I was planning on having throughout my developement. He hired Rupert Jasen Smith, a screen print artist from New York, to help him create his self portrait and he also created his own version of warhol’s portrait using blocked colours in a odd, uneven layout.